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Throat surgery center in Jaipur

With the best throat surgery center in Jaipur, it has now become possible to treat a wide variety of diseases like sore throat along with life-threatening diseases like cancer. The throat surgery appears as a final option in case the patient is suffering from chronic sore throats which results in potential breathing difficulties. Moreover, most of the cancer of the mouth and throat are can also be cured to some extent with the help of throat surgery. The core objectives behind undertaking throat surgery by the throat specialists are:

  • To repair the tissues that have been damaged due to any injury or trauma.
  • To overcome structural abnormalities that occur in the soft palate or the throat.
  • Non-cancerous tumors can also be removed that act as a potential obstruction in the airway.

Throat surgery center in Jaipur can provide the best surgical treatment options to cure throat problems

Depending on the severity of the condition and the part of the throat affected, the ENT surgeon can suggest the patient the type of throat surgery that will be the most suitable and can provide greater relief to the patients. Some of the commonly found throat surgeries at the throat surgery center in Jaipur:

Tonsillectomy: The tonsils are situated in the back of the throat and these play a crucial role in enhancing the immune system by subsequent trapping of germs. But in certain conditions, throat infections become a common norm and diseases like chronic tonsil infections cannot be cured through medication only. Thus, the surgical procedures like the Tonsillectomy are adopted for the removal of the tonsils and can be considered an ultimate option to treat the disease. The surgery helps in overcoming the other problems that occur due to damaged tonsils like the enlarged tonsils, obstruction in the upper airway, sleep disorders along with the loud snoring that is caused during sleep hours.

Adenoidectomy: This is one of the surgical procedures undertaken to help solve the problem of adenoiditis. Adenoids are recognized as soft tissues that are located behind the nose and at the higher side of the mouth. The infection to Adenoids generally leads to enlarged and inflamed adenoids. This can pose significant problems in breathing and is responsible for the occurrence of respiratory infections in the person. In the process of Adenoidectomy, the throat surgeons do not make any additional cuts or incisions except at the place where the tissues have been removed.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty: This is a surgical procedure adopted for curing disorders like Obstructive Sleep Apnea in which the person suffers from reduced breathing along with stoppage in breadth and it might occur multiple times during the night. The throat surgery center aims at surgical removal of uvula which is identified as the soft tissue that is located in the back of the throat.

In addition to this, the throat surgeons at the throat surgery center in Jaipur recommends a few measures that are needed to be followed so that the patient can recover from the surgery in the least possible time. Some of the measures that will provide great assistance after the surgery will include:

Keep yourself hydrated: This will help in keeping the throat hydrated but hot liquids should not be consumed as it can enhance the pain and swelling in the throat.

Intake of right food: After the surgery, it is advised that the patient should only take foods that are convenient in swallowing. Hard food like chips, pizza should be avoided and soft food like pudding, soup, mashed potatoes are preferred.