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Onco specialist in Jaipur

Besides the best onco specialist in Jaipur, it is the faith and strong will power that helps you fight against cancer. Onco specialists or commonly known as the oncologists are the professionals who are engaged in the field of oncology, medical science branch dealing with the treatment of different types of cancer. Moreover, these specialists are primarily involved in the three core areas of cancer treatment that include medical, radiotherapy and surgical treatment. The onco specialists can further be classified based on specialties for which they provide treatment. Such specialty includes pediatric oncology in which treatment is provided to children suffering from cancer. The other is gynecologic which treats cancer-related to female reproductive organs. The hematology onco specialists provides treatment for different types of blood cancer such as lymphoma and leukemia.

Get best cancer treatment from the Onco specialist in Jaipur

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases and so the treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the stage under which the patient comes. To treat cancer, cancer specialists mainly adopt three different ways like surgery, radiation, and medicines, etc. Several therapies can be used such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy. Let us have a look at how the different treatments options adopted by the best onco specialist in Jaipur can help patients suffering from cancer:

Surgery: The surgical procedure enables the oncologists to treat cancer by removing cancer from the body. The impacts of surgery vary from patient to patient as for each patient the surgery is done with a different objective. In advanced stages, surgery helps in reducing pain and pressure by removing the tumors. When cancer is limited to a particular area, the surgery can help by removing the entire tumor.

Chemotherapy: This kind of treatment involves the use of drugs for killing cancer cells. With the help of chemotherapy, tumors can shrink to a certain extent that helps in avoiding pain and other associated problems. Further, it is also advised to restrict the growth of the cancer cells and to ensure fewer chances of repetition in the future. There are also some typical side effects of the therapy which include hair loss, mouth sores, and nausea.

Stem cell transplant: The onco specialist in Jaipur recommends for this procedure to restore the blood-forming stem cells that have been destroyed in the cancer patients through high exposure to chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy. Although it is one of the methods to treat cancer in the sense that it helps patients in building healthy stem cells but in certain types of cancer like leukemia and multiple myeloma, this can work against cancer.

Immunotherapy: In this type of cancer treatment, the key focus remains on strengthening the immune system of the body to fight against cancer. It primarily comprises of the white blood cells along with the tissues and organs of the lymph system that enables the body to fight infections that are responsible for causing different types of diseases.

The best onco specialist in Jaipur by examining the condition of the patient and the stage of cancer can provide the most suitable treatment to patients. It is also suggested that the patient should stay positive and motivated so that the different treatment options can provide the best results.