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ENT surgeon in Jaipur

Has the doctor advised you to undergo surgical treatment options for your hearing problems? Find the best ENT surgeon in Jaipur who can help you overcome the hearing related challenges. The ENT surgeons can be recognized as the professionals who have potential expertise in treating the common diseases related to ear, nose, and throat along with the other associated structures such as the head and neck through surgical options. With the advancement in technology, most ENT surgeons now suggest minimally invasive surgical options that can positively benefit the patients. Some of the merits of such surgical procedure include minimal scarring, a shorter hospital stay with fast recovery period along with reduced postoperative pain.

Learn the different types of surgeries performed by an ENT surgeon in Jaipur

The surgeons in the ENT field perform a wide variety of surgeries to help patients get rid of the problems associated with ear, nose, and throat. The most commonly adopted minimally-invasive surgeries to treat patients includes the following surgeries:

Balloon sinuplasty: This is a surgical procedure undertaken by the ENT surgeons when the patient has significant difficulty in breathing due to blocked nasal passage and narrowed sinuses. Thus, the procedure enables surgeons to widen the opening of the sinuses to enhance the circulation of airflow through nostrils.

Endoscopic sinus surgery: The surgical procedure helps in treating the condition of chronic sinusitis and frequent headaches that are caused due to such sinusitis. The chronic sinusitis can be identified as the condition in which the infection or inflammation of the lining of the sinuses occurs. ENT surgeon in Jaipur prefers to choose the endoscopic method over the traditional surgery method as it does not disturb the delicate tissues of the sinus and moreover scarring can also be avoided.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): In this disorder, breathing difficulties are experienced due to the relaxation of throat muscles. This leads to potential obstruction to the patient’s airway leading to symptoms like loud snoring and dry mouth after awakening. The ENT surgeons undertake surgical options which mainly emphasizes the removal of certain tissues that are blocking the airway.

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy: This can be referred to as the surgical procedure that is generally adopted to provide relief to patients who are suffering from severe tonsillitis or adenoiditis. In this disease, the tonsils or adenoids are infected and inflamed regularly which impacts the throat of the patient. The surgery enables surgeons to remove the infected tonsils and adenoids so that patients can be provided relief from pain and infection. Both these conditions are found commonly in small children but sometimes it can affect adults also.

Septoplasty: Sometimes there is a bent in the nasal septum which can be referred to as the cartilage and bone that helps in the separation of the nasal cavities. The bent directly interferes with the breathing process and therefore, the ENT surgeon in Jaipur advocate for the septoplasty which is a surgical procedure for adjusting the alignment of the septum and certain portions are also removed to improve breathing function. The surgery does not result in any external scar and cuts as it is performed in the inner part of the nose.

The different surgeries help in avoiding the diverse ENT problems to a great extent but the results may vary depending on the condition of the individual patient and the recovery rate after the surgery.