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ENT specialist doctor in Jaipur

Do you frequently experience ear and throat pain along with breathing difficulty due to nasal problems? Get the right consultation from the best ENT Specialist Doctor In Jaipur to treat ENT diseases. The ENT specialists can be referred to as the otolaryngologists that primarily have expertise in treating, diagnosing and managing the disorders related to ear, nose, and throat along with the specific disorders associated with head and neck, sinuses and voice box (larynx). Both the adults and children can be benefitted from the customized treatment option provided by the ENT specialists. Some of the common problems and disorders treated by an ENT specialist include:

  • Hearing disorder: Tinnitus, ear infection, and dizziness
  • Injuries related to ear, nose, and throat
  • Speech disorders such as laryngitis and hoarseness
  • Sleeping disorders like snoring and sleep apnea
  • Infection generated diseases, for example, tonsillitis, sinusitis, and adenoiditis
  • Specific allergies related to rhinitis and hay fever
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Treat all major ENT problems with the best ENT specialist doctor in Jaipur

The ENT specialists have specialization in treating multiple diseases and problems related to ear, nose, and throat. Here are some of the specific disorders mentioned in each of the categories that are required to be treated by the doctors:

Specific conditions that can be treated concerning ear: Certain symptoms signify that the patient is suffering from ear problems include pain in the ear along with hearing loss and impairment. Sometimes when a person has difficulty in balancing, then this can be also a key reason to consult an ENT specialist. Have a look at some of the ear disorders that can be treated by the ENT doctor: Meniere’s disease: When there is an imbalance of fluids accompanied by symptoms like dizziness, the person is said to be suffering from this disease. Swimmer’s ear: Greater exposure to water can lead to infection of the skin of the outer ear.

Typical problems related to the nose: The treatment provided by the Best ENT Specialist Doctor In Jaipur aims at managing the diverse types of issues that affect the sinuses, nasal cavity, and the nose. The reduced breathing capacity along with the inability to smell properly can be the core symptoms of nasal diseases. Some of the nose disorder are as follows: Rhinitis: This is a condition wherein the inflammation of the nose and sinus membrane can be observed. Nasal bleeding and fractures: Due to damage to the small blood vessels in the nose, nasal bleeding occurs. Moreover, the fracture in the nose bone due to an accident or a sudden injury is also considered under the treatment area of ENT doctors.

Treatment of throat related disorders: The diseases related to throat directly impacts the functions like speech, singing, swallowing and digestion. Commonly found throat disorders are:

Tonsillitis: One of the most readily found throat problems in children in which infection and inflammation of tonsils take place. ENT Specialist Doctor In Jaipur can suggest for tonsillectomy which aims at permanently removing the tonsils.

Throat cancer: The throat specialist helps in the diagnosis of throat cancer which is an uncontrolled growth of cells (malignant) in the throat region.

The ENT doctor (Otolaryngologist) recommends the most customized treatment options to patients such as medications or the surgical procedure based on the severity of the conditions so that the patients can get relief from the ENT problems.