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Ear specialist doctor in Jaipur

You can get your ear problems cured with the top ear specialist doctor in Jaipur. The human ear can be categorized into the outer, middle and inner ear. The combined functioning of the three enables the person to hear voices. Several problems can be caused in the ear that can affect the functioning of the ear. Ear pain is one of the commonly found problems that require treatment by an ear specialist. The pain can be caused due to any kind of infections primarily in the sinuses, tonsils, and jaw. Moreover, hearing loss due to chronic infection like the glue ear and high exposure to the loud voice is also some of the circumstances that need immediate consultation with the doctor for ear diseases.

How the ear specialist doctor in Jaipur can help you avoid the ear problems?

It is believed that the best treatment can be provided to the patients when the doctor clearly understands their problem with the symptoms as explained by the patients. The hearing loss is one of the most widely found problems for which patients seek treatment and advice from top ENT specialists. The hearing loss can be further classified into conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss: This is the hearing loss that occurs at the time of conductive soundwaves. Thus, a person having this kind of hearing loss have subsequent issues with the ear canal, eardrum along with the three bones that are attached to the eardrum. Sometimes, problems also occur due to deposition of material like the ear wax and certain types of fluids. Thus, the ear specialist doctor in Jaipur suggests that ear wax and fluids should be eliminated to restrict further damage to the ear in the form of hearing loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss: In this type of hearing loss, the affected part generally comprises of the inner ear. This is also known as the noise generated hearing loss and there is potential damage to the ear nerves due to exposure to loud noise. Aging is also another factor that results in the occurrence of this kind of hearing loss. Hearing aids can be considered as a solution for this hearing loss as the different hearing aids enhances the healing power of the person.

Apart from this, ear specialists also treat other problems like:
  • Ear infection: Can be easily found in small children and infants
  • Meniere’s disease: The disease can develop as a result of the fluid problems in the inner portion of the ear and show symptoms like dizziness and tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus: This can be identified as the problem in which roaring like sound appears in the ears due to continuous exposure to loud noise, medicines and other reasons.

The ear specialist doctor in Jaipur to treat the above-mentioned diseases adopts surgical methods to provide relief to the patients. Myringotomy is one such procedure that helps in treating the ear pain. Although the ear infections can be cured to a great extent with the help of proper medications but sometimes due to severe conditions, further treatment is required. One such surgical procedure is known as myringotomy in which the surgeon puts a small cut in the eardrum to reduce ear pain and thus, fluid in the ear is drained out. The procedure is highly preferred as it does not lead to any major injuries and scars in the eardrum and the incision also heals within a short duration. Thus, it is important to consult an ear specialist so that timely action can be taken and further complications can be reduced.